Erin Coulter was raised in a family that enjoyed the privilege of being white and middle class.  She married into a family that had the same privilege, however had also embraced a social justice conscience.  Raising her children was her main focus for almost 30 years, doing some business bookkeeping, organic gardening, food preserving, kayaking and hiking when time allowed.

Currently, she spends her time enjoying three granddaughters, building up their organic farm, preserving their own foods, and volunteering for several activist organizations. 

She began volunteering for the Pipe Up Network in March of 2014 when she took on the bookkeeping; that led to becoming a Director later in the year.  Pipe Up is a group with very active members and the many opportunities to be involved gives her a place to utilize some of the skills she has obtained over the years.  Appreciation is always given for work done, which keeps one motivated and ready to step up again. 

The Pipe Up Network plays an important role in the Fraser Valley, and the world!  Without voices to counter the corporate agenda of Kinder Morgan and the industry captured political party of the day,  we will be subjected to disastrous circumstances.  First Nations rights are being denied.  Climate change is affecting us now.  She is now very worried about the world our children and grandchildren will have in the future.  Organizations such as the Pipe Up Network are essential for countering the rampant greed of corporations that cause so much harm in our world. 

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