First Nation owned solar farm built northeast of Toronto

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More and more businesses are flocking to First Nation communities to work with them on various business ventures. TD Economics recently looked at the purchasing power out of First Nation communities. and found growth among Aboriginal based businesses.

“The business activity that’s happening with communities [and it] is sustainable as opposed to just getting government funding,” Clint Davis, Vice President of Aboriginal Banking with TD Bank said. “So that report proved without a doubt that aboriginal people are not a drain on the Canadian taxpayer but are net contributors to Canada’s economy right now.”

Alderville First Nation is an example of one of those ventures. It is constructing a five megawatt solar farm over 50 acres.

It is the first 100 per cent First Nation owned solar farm in Ontario. James Marsden, who has been Chief of the community for 10 years says it was a golden opportunity for them.

Over the length of the contract, Marsden said, the community could make upwards of $59 million.

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