High speed train proposed between Portland and Vancouver

Proposed commuter train would at travel at 290 km/h and cost more that $18B

By The Early Edition, CBC News Posted: Jan 20, 2015 9:51 AM PT Last Updated: Jan 20, 2015 9:51 AM PT

High speed trains are in operation around the world, including this train, made by Swiss company Stadler.

A group based in Portland is lobbying local governments for a high speed train that would connect the Cascadia region, from Vancouver to Portland.

The proposed train would take passengers from Greater Vancouver to Seattle in less than an hour, and to Portland in less than two.

"It would be over 180 miles [290 kilometres] per hour and it would be on … it it's own corridor separate from freight rail," Brad Perkins — the co-founder and CEO of Cascadia High Speed Rail told The Early Edition'sRick Cluff.

Perkins said it would take a public-private partnership to fund the train, and the first phase of construction would only run between Seattle and Portland, which would cost from $18 billion to $22 billion, according to Perkins.

The second phase would continue the line into B.C.

With over 1 million people travelling from Seattle to Portland on the Amtrak train each year, he believes the interest from passengers is there. The next step is getting politicians on board.

While Perkins has spoken to local politicians in the United States, he hasn't yet approached Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson with his proposal.

To hear the full interview with Brad Perkins, click the audio labelled: Brad Perkins proposes high speed rail through Cascadia.

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