Jane lives in Port Coquitlam British Columbia with her husband, two wonderful and energetic children and their sweet cat Shmarbles. She possess a diploma in Ecosystems Management, a degree in Environmental Studies and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Education and Communication. She works in healthcare and have done numerous contracts with several environmental NGO’s. Connecting children with nature, community gardening, animal rescue and hiking in Beautiful BC are among her favourite things to do. She became aware of PIPE UP in 2014 when attending a rally against the Kinder Morgan pipeline at Colony Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam. Kinder Morgan had proposed using the park as a construction site to assemble and test the pipeline before putting it under the Fraser River. She was thrilled to learn of a grassroots organization doing such great work in the Fraser Valley and beyond, and is proud to now be a part of it.


      She feels there is a great need to take the conversations about pipelines out to folks who are undecided or uninformed about expansion projects. People lead busy lives and many are still unaware about the risks that are involved and have questions about jobs, economical benefits and alternate solutions. We must go beyond just saying no to pipelines and provide valid information about the risks, why we are opposed and what are the solutions, which is what PIPE UP Network does.

      We need to pull together, work collaboratively, get off our behinds and support one another as we continue to fight for our environment and our future