Kinder Morgan digging into the Fraser Valley? We need you!

Dear friends and neighbours,

As you may have heard, Kinder Morgan has just filed the necessary paperwork to start the process of attempting to run an additional tar sands pipeline from Alberta to BC, despite a clear lack of First Nations and public support and despite it being impossible to meet Christy Clark's five conditions for new pipelines to be built in British Columbia.


Moving tar sands products through BC presents far more risks than it does benefits.  Despite the technology to clean up a marine spill simply not existing, the Kinder Morgan pipeline already puts 200,000 jobs in the lower mainland at risk, along with property values, front line communities living along the pipeline route or near the tar sands, delicate habitat for numerous endangered species, our water, our climate, and even some of our children while they're at school.

Meanwhile, other parts of the world are forging ahead with cleaner, smarter, more sustainable alternatives that do more to promote a healthy economy than the high-capital, low labour oil and gas industry ever can. 

Does this make sense to you??

No, and it doesn't make sense to us either.  So this is why the PIPE UP Network is reaching out to you today to ask you to step up with us in the new year to start making sense and to stop moving in the wrong direction! 
Please fill out this short survey so we can better know what suits you in terms of contributing to the The PIPE UP Network!  It'll only take a few minutes, and it will help us determine how you prefer to be communicated with and how frequently, how much time you have to offer, what sorts of things you're passionate about, and what sorts of skills you might be interested in learning to put to good use in the efforts we have ahead of us. 

History has proven that impossible tasks are suddenly achievable when good people get together to address them as a community.  People across Canada and all over the Fraser Valley have been stepping up to demand better, and we'd love to add your voice and your efforts to the groundswell.  Whether you have an hour a month to give or an hour a day, whether you'd like to hit the ground with us, or you're more comfortable doing work from you computer at home - no matter how much or how little you have to contribute, we're interested in what you have to offer! 

The PIPE UP Network has an exciting year ahead, jam-packed with town hall meetings, film screenings, community outreach, and close, fulfilling work with our many friends and allies.  We look forward to getting to know you better, and we know that if we band together, we can stop this pipeline and start something new!

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