New deadlines for Round Two Information Requests and Commenters' Letters

On 11 December 2014, Transport Canada filed the report of the Technical Review Process of Marine Terminal Systems and Transshipment Sites (TERMPOL). The Board is mindful that intervenors may wish to ask information requests (IRs) of Trans Mountain about the TERMPOL report and any recommendations that are included within the report. Therefore, the Board has created a specific deadline for intervenors to ask such IRs, which is later than that for the scheduled intervenor IR Round No. 2. The deadline for these TERMPOL-specific IRs is 18 February 2015. IRs filed on this date must be specific to the TERMPOL report and any recommendations that are included within the report.

Please note that the introduction of this TERMPOL-specific IR round does not prevent intervenors from asking TERMPOL-related IRs of Trans Mountain in IR Round No. 2 if they are able to do so. Please note that the Board has extended the deadline for IR Round No. 2 by one week. The new deadline is 16 January 2015.

The Board also confirms that intervenors will have the opportunity to question Transport Canada, the author of the TERMPOL report, on its content. The deadline for these IRs is now 22 June 2015.

The deadline for letters of comment has been extended to allow commenters to consider more evidence filings before filing their letters. The new deadline is 23 July 2015. Commenters that have already filed their letters of comment and do not intend on changing them need not do anything further. Those letters remain on the record and will be considered.

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