PIPE UP Network issues candidates’ report card

Lower Mainland, BC.
 Are you wondering how candidates in the municipal elections would approach Kinder Morgan’s proposed bitumen pipeline? Members of the PIPE UP Network were. They prepared a set of questions and sent them to all the candidates in the Fraser Valley municipalities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley Township. In all, 124 questionnaires were distributed to candidates in the three communities. A total of forty-four responses were received. The results are as follows:

-Candidates who responded generally demonstrated a good knowledge of pipeline-related issues and a commitment to citizen engagement.
-Safety concerns related to the pipeline were high for a majority who responded.
-Cleanup costs and first responder safety were also major concerns with respect to diluted bitumen spills.
-A strong majority of respondents were committed to taking action on climate change at the municipal level.
-Almost without exception, candidates stated that they do not believe that Kinder Morgan should have the right to ignore City bylaws.

The latter issue was no doubt on the minds of many, given the recent media coverage of protests against the National Energy Board’s ruling that Kinder Morgan could cut down trees and do survey work in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. The question to candidates was: “Do you think that Kinder Morgan should have the right to ignore municipal bylaws such as the cutting of trees in the Burnaby Conservation Area? The overwhelming response was “no.” 

Langley PIPE UP member Andhra Azevedo, who coordinated the questionnaire, said: “I want to thank all candidates who took the time to complete the survey, I was delighted by the level of engagement of so many of the candidates.” 

Abbotsford resident Lynn Perrin said: “I recall the very successful involvement of local government (City of Abbotsford) in the SE2 NEB hearings in respect of their duty to protect residents from toxic emissions / air pollution. That is what is needed for this pipeline.” 

Chilliwack resident Michael Hale added: “PIPE UP members believe that engagement of municipal councils on this issue will be vital in ensuring that the social, environmental and economic concerns of communities regarding the pipeline are addressed.”

Further information

Abbotsford: Lynn Perrin: lperrinf@gmail.com604-309-9369 
Chilliwack: Michael Hale: 604-799-3391
Langley Township: Andhra Azevedo: andhra.azevedo@gmail.com778-878-8327.

The PIPE UP Network is made up of residents of southwestern BC who have come together because of our concerns about the safety, environmental, and financial implications, of shipping tar sands along Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline, which runs from Edmonton, AB to Vancouver, BC.

Members of the network are dedicated to educating themselves and their communities about the existing pipeline, plans for expansion, and alternatives to tar sands; showing that we have the power to make the needed changes.
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