Pipeline activists tour spill site

PIPE-UP says steep slopes increase risks; Kinder Morgan says safety is paramount


PIPE-UP tour

PIPE-UP members (left to right) Ian Stephen, Suzanne Hale, Michael Hale, Wendy Major and Paul Aquino hiked to the site of a June oil spill near the Coquihalla Summit.  Photograph by: PIPE UP Network

Five members of a Chilliwack- based environmental group recently hiked to the site of a June oil spill on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline near the Coquihalla Summit and they didn’t like what they found.

“I wasn’t prepared for what I saw,” said PIPE-UP spokesperson Michael Hale. “The top of the Coquihalla Sum- mit is the highest point of any pipeline in Canada. From the that point near the summit, the pipeline descends over 300 metres vertically in a very short distance. The age of the pipe and the steepness of the descent would surely increase the likelihood of a major spill.”

Hale and four other members of PIPE-UP gathered on Aug. 24 on the Trans Canada Trail just below the trail. They then hiked seven kilometres to the spill site.

“Judging by the amount of work Kinder Morgan is doing in the area, they are obviously worried about leaks,” Chilliwack resident Ian Stephen said in a PIPE-UP press release. “In addition to the two reported spill sites, we saw a half dozen other repairs.”

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