On July 6, 2015 the PIPE UP Network, the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group, and the Kwantlen Student Association hosted a public forum regarding a recently signed memorandum of understanding between Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Trans Mountain Pipelines.

The day started in the court yard, with a Popsicles not Pipelines theme, with free popsicles and information tables.


Everyone packed into the conference room to hear from a panel which included Alan Davis the president of KPU, Allison Gonzalez president of the KSA, Justin Bige Aboriginal rep for the KSA and reading a letter on behalf of the Kwantlen First Nation, Richard Hosein of KPIRG, and Justine Nelson KPU Alumna and Chapter Coordinator for the PIPE UP Network. 11659224_10153448361536064_6262797848459456265_n.jpg11698755_10153448360876064_4928041957244303673_n.jpg11667430_10153448362611064_6465508699938163410_n.jpg11659314_10153448363316064_366540173203110220_n.jpg11737827_10153448364336064_5386813119099546379_n.jpg11707620_10153448366076064_4245990395110514138_n.jpg

After the speakers the floor opened to the audience to ask questions, there were a lot of great questions and more questions than we had time. Speakers included KPU professors, students, and community members.